As an anti-racist dedicated to fighting for equality in the construction industry, I was appalled to see a four-page article in the "Business magazine of the year" dedicated to the Nazi British National Party (31 January, pages 26-29).
About 7% of the UK working population is from black and minority ethnic communities, yet according to figures printed in your magazine, these same groups make up 2% of those employed in the construction industry. Morality aside, the business case for diversity in the context of the current skills shortage is undeniable.

The same issue included an article on the refugee from Sierra Leone who was nominated for your Young achiever of the year award (page 40). The BNP would have repatriated him, but the sick irony of that seems to have escaped your journalists. The BNP is desperate to achieve a semblance of respectability in order to win elections, but it is not just another political party. When the BNP had its headquarters in south-east London, racist attacks in the area rose threefold. And it is not just a violent minority that carry out these attacks. The newly elected councillor in Halifax was formerly a member of Combat 18 – a proudly Nazi organisation – the 1 and 8 standing for Adolf Hitler's initials.

I am just one of many in the industry who are sincerely dedicated to changing the face of construction. I challenge Building to give us four pages to redress the balance and give the case for anti-racism and diversity in the industry.