I implore construction colleagues north of the border to vote no in the independence referendum


In September the Scots go to the polls to decide whether or not to remain as part of the United Kingdom or become an independent country. Having read and listened to the various arguments for and against I cannot help but feel the “no camp” in the form of politicians have perhaps shown many of their cards too early, thereby giving the “yes camp” the ability to contest, fudge or correct depending on your viewpoint in a timeframe that will have far less impact in September.

That said when I read about the potential exit of major institutions, banking giants together with evidence of major disruption to the property industry, the ruling out of keeping the pound as a currency and the potential impact of trouble with NATO and the European Union I have to ask “why are the polls so close?” because from a British point of view surely a blind man can see that in the face of everything a yes vote would be madness.

But here is where Mr Salmond has played a blinder because it looks to me that nationalist fervour, given the date of the vote and the inclusion of 16 year old children, is at the heart of giving the auld enemy a kicking and sticking two fingers up at Westminster at the same time.

It is my belief that as a United Kingdom we are stronger with Scotland and they should continue to play a big part as our partner, so I am pleading that all Scots currently in the “no camp” get out and vote because if you remain complacent the unthinkable will happen.

Steven Barker is chairman of Robinson Low Francis