I agree with Graham Holden's comments in last week's letters (7 February, page 35) that in general teachers are well remunerated for their work. My wife, a head teacher of a small country school, certainly earns far more than I do as a local government building surveyor.
However, I believe she and many other teachers would challenge Mr Holden's comments that "a teacher only works 39 weeks a year – and let's not forget the length of the school day".

Most teachers give up part of the summer holidays to tidy, clean and prepare classes and works for the next year's students.

There is also a common misconception that the school day finishes at 3pm when the students leave. Most staff at my wife's school start at 8.30am and rarely leave before 5.30 or 6pm. In addition to these hours, there is the usual round of parent evenings, governors meetings, homework marking and work preparation that eats into the evenings of most teachers.

Not so tough, Mr Holden – but not as easy as you portray, either.