My second Little Britain was even more memorable than my first. As someone who has always claimed never to get seasick, I have since realised you don't know the meaning of the word until you've been stuck down in the pit of a racing boat for 20 minutes being thrown from side to side with no point of reference, no sight of horizon and, nothing but diesel fumes and abandoned damp foul-weather gear for company.

My weekend sailing with Sheppard Robson was eventful, to say the least. The bout of seasickness was a result of a spinnaker being lost over the side of the boat mid-jibe. This led to one of the wettest versions of a tug-of-war I have ever seen - an eight-person crew versus the power of the waves. The crew won the battle eventually, with me at the end of the line down in the pit of the boat. Not a place I would recommend spending much time, as anybody who has done the same after a heavy night will well know.

Sail rescued and back on deck, things began to look up. Until one of the crew slipped and seriously damaged his knee. We still finished the race, though. Back in the marina, the paramedics dashed down to take the injured crew member off to an ambulance (I understand he is making a good recovery now) and Tony Poole headed off on the hunt for a new winch handle, as one had disappeared overboard amid all the spinnaker drama.

But still we all congregated back at the boat after lunch, one man down and having lost another of the crew to Bestival - the festival kicking off on the other side the island (judging by the evening events later, though, I reckon the Little Britain attendees could have given the Bestival revellers a run for their money).

We were all a little nervous about what the afternoon could bring following our morning. But, determined to keep going, off we set, with some trepidation. And apart from the tiller extension shearing off, all went well.

We didn't win, but sailing with Sheppard Robson was just as fun as last year, despite all the drama, thanks to some first-class banter and fighting spirit. Thanks to everyone who had me on board and maybe see you all next year, though I may take out some life insurance beforehand…