Architect Foster + Partners' website,, scores well on usability but badly needssome search engine optimisation

Webmaster’s verdict

In terms of usability, is great. A clean layout, clearly labelled navigation and a good choice of colours follows all the right website building practices. The only place that the site designers have placed aesthetics above functionality is with the text-scrolling tool, which hinders quick scanning of text. It looks cute, but is it necessary?

This site is in need of some heavy search engine optimisation. The main problem is that every single page has the same name, which doesn't look good in Google search results. Simply changing the page titles to reflect the content (by mirroring story headlines, for example) would benefit the site immensely.

Vital statistics


Most popular site on the internet globally, as ranked by web information company Alexa

Google ranking 6/10

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Inbound links: Yahoo 20,526

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Indexed pages: Google 987, Yahoo 873

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