The recent announcement that the Constructionarium, the UK’s only dedicated site-based training centre for university students could be forced to close as a direct result of a lack of government funding (5 March, page 10) is a worrying sign for the future of our industry

The government’s short-term approach of slashing funding for training will not achieve any benefits, and in fact will only result in downgrading the calibre and expertise of tomorrow’s construction industry. In order to pull ourselves out of recession, first-rate training initiatives should remain a priority. 

Additionally, continuing to focus on attracting high-quality recruits is critical to our future success. Building has previously encouraged graduate internships but companies should not take advantage of unemployed graduates. Instead, businesses should make financial commitments to actually support graduate careers – rather than one-off gestures – and by investing in the company’s future it will also provide firms with longer term financial gains.

Steven Barker, senior partner, Robinson Low Francis