Feel that fantasy football is a bit old hat? Think you have outgrown FIFA Manager 09 and are itching to run something bigger than a football club?

Well why not try playing Fantasy Chancellor and conduct your very own Spending Review 2010.

If it grabs your fancy, then those zany guys at the Institute of Fiscal Studies have just the spreadsheet for you. And the simple download comes complete with some top-notch "cheats" to give you that extra edge.

And it's free.

So pit your wits against Alistair Darling and see if you can steer the UK economy away from impending doom.

Ok so I have rather hyped it. But I am sure when those smart cookies at IFS have fine tuned the xbox version it will have all the extra features like power cuts, strikes, collapsing infrastructure, extended NHS waiting lists, civil unrest... along obviously with total global economic domination.