We, as committee members of The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) in the South-east, have read the recent exchanges about women in construction on the letters pages of Building with some dismay.

There is clearly a serious issue relating to the failure of the construction industry to attract and retain professional women other than in discrete areas such as the legal profession.

We invite readers of Building to engage with us in a mature debate on what needs to be done to strengthen the industry by making it an attractive career option for able women.

Lindsay Maxwell, Jane Hughes, Eve Light, Rebecca Lovelace, Corrine McCarthy, Wendy Lintin

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I found the article “The £6.5bn men” (6 May, page 50) most inspirational in a rather strange way. I was so struck by the certain sameness of our 10 major league players that I felt that corrective action was required. So watch this space over the next five years chaps – the £6.5bn woman is on her way!

Christine Kennedy, project management group, Southwark Building Design Service