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    Cost model: High-rise housing refurbishment


    The government is reappraising the UK s social housing in order to meet its decent homes target by 2010. Here, Davis Langdon Everest examines the costs, key issues and associated problems of refurbishing a tower block

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    LIfetime costs: durable floors


    You've got a floor to cover, but which material is going to serve your client best – and for the longest – for the least amount of money? Peter Mayer of the Building Performance Group shines the spotlight on the whole-life costs of PVC, linoleum and carpeting

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    Cost model: 21st-century university building


    The government wants 50% of 18-30-year-olds to be educated to degree level by 2010, and expects universities to compete in international research markets. So what buildings are required to help meet these objectives? In its latest cost model, Davis Langdon Everest examines the 21st-century university building

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    Cost model: Tall buildings


    Despite the fate of the World Trade Centre, developer interest in tall buildings hasn’t diminished – and will increase if the mayor’s plan for London is put into effect. Here Davis Langdon Everest, Arup and Mott Green and Wall summarise the key issues and examine the costs of ...

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    Cost model: Energy savings


    Following April s budget, landlords can claim tax relief if they invest in energy-efficient technologies. But will these savings cover the extra initial outlay? Patrick Murdock, head of capital allowances consulting at Cyril Sweett, and Simon Harris, associate in the firm s engineering services cost management team, use the case ...

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    Cost model: Hotel refurbishment


    Despite sharp drops in profitability over the past year, hotel operators continue to invest heavily in refurbishment. In this quarter’s cost model, Davis Langdon Everest examines the key elements and challenges of hotel refurbishment, giving detailed costs for guest rooms and front-of-house areas

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    Cost model: Britain's schools


    The government s investment of billions in Britain s schools has raised the question of how that money can be spent most efficiently and effectively. Davis Langdon Everest examines education from the point of view of policy and design, and gives cost breakdowns for two typical school building ...

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    Lifetime costs: Full metal packet


    Metal roof coverings are many and varied – and so are the accompanying costs. In the first of Specifier’s Lifetime costs series, the Building Performance Group offers a guide to lifespan, whole-life costings and the durability of metal sheet roofing

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    Cost model: Prefabrication and preassembly


    How can prefabrication and preassembly deliver the buildings that clients and designers aspire to? In this cost model, Davis Langdon Everest looks at case studies of recent applications of preassembly techniques

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    Cost model: Effect of Part L revisions on business parks and offices


    The revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations come into force on 1 April 2002, and many schemes on the drawing board will need to comply. Davis Langdon Everest, in conjunction with consulting engineer Oscar Faber, explains how the revisions will impact on business parks and city ...

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    Cost model: Shopping centres


    As government planning policy drives retail developments back into city centres, the design and construction issues of urban schemes have never been more complex. In this month s cost model, Davis Langdon Everest, in association with architect Geoffrey Reid Associates, sets out the key issues and examines the ...

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    Cost model: PFI projects


    The government has swept aside opposition and committed itself to the use of the private sector in delivering public services. With private finance sure to have a growing role in the government’s building programme, it’s time to ask if PFI will be able to deliver. Davis Langdon Everest ...

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    Cost model: Co-location centres


    The co-location centre market is set for strong long-term growth. Davis Langdon Everest and specialist M E cost consultant Mott Green and Wall explain the high level of electrical and mechanical services required and provide a cost breakdown for a model development

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    Cost model: Procuring social housing


    The Housing Corporation is pushing housing associations into adopting the partnering and prefabrication ethos of the Egan agenda. Davis Langdon Everest looks at how they are responding to the challenges of smart procurement, with case studies from two pathfinding schemes

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    Cost model update, January 2001


    Eight years after the first cost model was published, Davis Langdon Everest provides a companion to 17 building types featured in the series. Providing up-to-date costs for each type, this third cost model update includes the publication date of the original model and identifies current cost drivers.

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    Cost model - Data centres


    The cost and research departments of Mott Green & Wall and Davis Langdon & Everest examine the m&e installations required to service a data centre.

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    Cost model: Convention centres


    A convention centre is a major asset to the economy of its host city, drawing well-stuffed wallets within the reach of local businesses. Davis Langdon Everest looks at how to build a successful centre.

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    Cost model: Commercial research laboratories


    It has been decided that UK plc s economic wellbeing depends on its scientific base, so billions of pounds of investment are being poured into it. The snag for construction is that labs are unlike other buildings. So, in this month s cost model, Davis Langdon Everest looks ...

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    Cost Model: Structured Cabling


    In this latest cost model, the Cost Research and Engineering Services Departments of Davis Langdon & Everest and Mott Green & Wall examine the capital costs of structured cabling installations. A number of recent commercial projects have been examined to establish benchmark costs for IT installations.

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    Cost model - Urban Commercial Offices


    Background to the model Capital costs for services installations were previously examined in a cost model published in the September 1995 edition of Building Services Journal. The sample of projects the original model was based on were mostly designed prior to the issue of the British Council for Offices (BCO) ...