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  • Flood

    Infrastructure: Flood management


    This year’s extreme weather has highlighted the increasing risk of flooding and the difficulties faced in prioritising investment. EC Harris examines the UK’s approach to flood risk management

  • Infrastructure: highways maintenance

    Infrastructure: highways maintenance


    Damage to UK roads due to flooding has put a spotlight on the condition of our highways, at a time when the maintenance backlog is already estimated to be at least £10bn. Barbra Carlisle and Brian Fitzpatrick of EC Harris examine the key issues

  • Crossrail_tunnelling_2013

    Infrastructure: UK rail


    Challenging efficiency targets are driving radical changes in the way that rail assets are managed. EC Harris report on Network Rail’s expenditure plans for the next five years

  • cost update

    Cost update Q1 2013


    Building costs rose in the first quarter, but consumer inflation is falling, metal prices are sliding and manufactured goods are slowing down. Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company reports

  • money cash

    Tender price recovery pushed out to 2014


    Stalled workloads and flat material prices impact EC Harris forecasts

  • tracker

    The tracker: Slim pickings


    Though activity, orders and employment are down, firms are relatively upbeat about tender prices, which are at a three-year high. Experian Marketing Information Services brings the latest figures

  • costs

    Specialist costs: M&E


    Legislative, economic and technological changes are presenting both challenges and opportunities to M E firms. Erland Rendall of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company, reports

  • cost model

    Cost model: Global manufacturing


    With manufacturing in many countries showing strong signs of recovery, the development of new manufacturing facilities is required to keep pace with contemporary process and technologies, say Mike Wilcock and Miles Jenkins of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company

  • costmodel1

    Cost model: City of London offices


    With uncertain prospects for finance, recovery in office development is likely to remain cautious. Refurbishment and reuse will remain alternatives but the low-carbon agenda will transform both these and new build, say Iain Parker and Graham Jones of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company

  • Housing expert

    Which domestic renewables incentive is best?


    Adam Mactavish of Cyril Sweett provides a brief review of the incentive schemes for domestic renewables

  • car

    Cost model: small projects


    In these difficult economic times, small projects are not to be sniffed at. David Holmes and Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company, cost up some of the most common kinds

  • steel generic lead

    CPA warns on rising costs


    2011 is shaping up to be a tough year as rising costs can not be passed on to customers

  • Global Capital Investment

    Market Forecast: Depth Gauge


    It’s difficult to say whether we have reached the bottom of the pricing trough, says Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company. What’s sure is that material prices will rise

  • Investment has come to the secondary cities where investors have seen the potential of commercial developments such as this shopping centre

    Country focus: Poland


    EU funding and infrastructure projects cushioned Poland from the downturn, but the public sector culture of always accepting lowest price tenders needs to change

  • Features

    The tracker: That sinking feeling


    Construction workload is expected to keep falling over the next three months, but the pace of decline should begin to ease, according to Experian Marketing Information Services

  • /s/r/g/4.jpg

    Building Intelligence Q2 2010: Surprisingly buoyant


    The gloomy forecast in the Tracker is in stark contrast to a surprisingly buoyant second quarter. Now, the good news, from Experian Marketing Information Services

  • The financial case for fitting energy-efficient lighting becomes much stronger once the benefits from ECAs are factored in

    Sustainability: Tax incentives


    The government wants to encourage energy-efficient investment. Steve Smith and Richard Quartermaine of Cyril Sweett look at what tax incentives are available

  • The Frankfurt skyline – the investment focus in 2010 is expected to be on residential, retail and office buildings

    Country focus: Germany


    Overall the outlook for Germany is reasonably bright, but construction will feel the pain as the effect of the economic stimulus measures wears off

  • OSM accounts for between 6% and 10% of the value of the UK construction industry. But innovations are coming through to improve the inherent limitations to designs based on modules and so reduce our reliance on more expensive on-site work

    Specialist costs: Off-site manufacture


    Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon takes a look at how that sector can add greater value

  • Bahrain World Trade Centre, designed by Atkins. The Gulf state is the most expensive in the region, with prices running at about 11% above the UK

    International costs 2010


    Now that the great global roller-coaster seems to be slowing down, where has it left tender prices? Paul Moore of EC Harris looks at how economies around the world have fared …