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    Cost model: Office fit-out

    Workplace requirements have been shaken up in the past two years – but have office fit-outs evolved in line with the new normal? 

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    Sustainability: zero carbon, low cost

    To deliver net zero office buildings within conventional cost parameters do we need to be bolder in our approach? 

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    Top 150 contractors and housebuilders 2021: The league table


    See this year’s top 150 Contractors and housebuilders sortable league table

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    Infrastructure update: Carbon capture and storage


    Carbon capture and storage will play a vital role in meeting the UK’s emissions reduction targets. Agnieszka Krzyzaniak and Tim Cooper of Arcadis consider how close the UK is to large-scale application of this technology

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    Market forecast: On the up and up


    Acute inflation in the sector is pushing up tender prices, and with no end in sight to the pressures, this could continue well beyond 2022

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    Cost model: Sports stadiums

    More sports clubs are looking to diversify their stadium offer to improve their revenue streams and operating position, particularly in smaller developments

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    Cost model: Regional science parks

    The UK needs 10 times more laboratory space just to meet current demand, and the life sciences sector is growing exponentially – a strong market opportunity for developers and investors. Aecom’s Alison Wring walks us through the factors influencing cost and design in this innovative sector

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    Cost model: Net zero homes

    As net zero carbon becomes a guiding principle across all new buildings but with so many design and construction issues yet to be solved or standardised, creating housing stock is a challenge, explains Aecom’s Rob Mills

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    Procurement in an inflationary market


    With some materials prices going through the roof, inflation has become the hot topic for 2021. Simon Rawlinson of Arcadis examines what is causing the problem and what mitigation options clients have

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    Market forecast: Bouncing back


    Rising demand and tightening supply are driving up both costs and tender prices. How much of this is just a spike rather than an underlying upward economic trend? 

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    Cost model: Data centres

    Data centres have become vital infrastructure, but as their importance has grown, so too have their size, security threats and carbon output

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    Sustainability: Calculating social value


    Alinea and Social Value Portal explore how social value can be deliver and calculated, with  examples of how it can work in practice

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    Cost model: Reinvention

    Reinvention – making obsolete buildings relevant to today’s market, including by conversion to more valuable uses – is a green alternative to demolition and rebuilding. Nic di Santo, Alastair Kenyon and Rachel Coleman of Alinea balance the benefits against the risks and constraints, and detail the costs of an example ...

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    International cost comparison 2021


    Agnieszka Krzyzaniak of Arcadis reflects on the resilience of the global construction sector in 2021 and some of the emerging short-term and long-term challenges the industry is facing as part of the recovery

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    Cost model: Zero carbon offices

    UK offices could well become the standard-bearers for innovative carbon-cutting practices – here Aecom provides a cost breakdown of a typical low carbon office scheme

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    Market forecast: High hopes


    While sentiment is high for a recovery, new orders are not fully mirroring this optimism, and a supply crunch is hitting the materials chain hard

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    Cost model: Rural affordable homes

    As people head for the countryside with the expansion of home-working, pressure on rural housing stock can only grow, including demand for affordable homes. Aecom’s Paul Houghton explains the specific challenges and opportunities of developing such provision and provides a cost breakdown of a typical scheme

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    Infrastructure update: Our hydrogen future


    Interest in green hydrogen has escalated rapidly, so what are the benefits and challenges of this highly sustainable energy technology and what would a hydrogen revolution mean for the built environment?

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    Cost model: Later living provision

    The later living sector must grow rapidly to support the UK’s ageing population. Alex Hyams of Alinea and Assael Architecture’s Félicie Krikler and Rory O’Hagan consider how to unlock the sector’s potential from a design and location perspective and break down the costs of building a retirement community

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    Tax relief: the Structures and Buildings Allowance


    The Structures and Buildings Allowance extends tax relief from plant and machinery to cover other parts of a non-residential building or structure but it can be hard to adminster