Take a look at the cost drivers and timelines of delays

The National Audit Office’s report on Crossrail’s progress has made a number of revelations about costs, schedule and the management of the £1.6bn project.

These include which projects have had the biggest increase in costs, when the project is now expected to be fully completed, and influences that have driven price hikes.

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Take a look at some of the key figures and facts laid out in the report.


Changes to the expected opening date of the Elizabeth line since 2010


The increases in Crossrail funding since January 2014

 Jan 2014Jul 2018Dec 2018 May 2019 Dec 2020May 2021
Funding for Crossrail Ltd (£m) 12,480     14,960   15,790
Increase (£m)   300 2,150    825  
Funding for Network Rail (£m) 2,300      2,590   2,980
Increase (£m)   290      390   
Total funding to Crossrail programme (£m) 14,780     17,570   18,770 
Expected opening date of central section Dec 2018 Autumn 2019 No commitment made Oct 2020 to March 2021 Dec 2021 to Jun 2022 Jan 2022 to Jun 2022



Range of forecast cost and schedule estimates at May 2021

 Deterministic50% confidence interval (P50) estimate80% confidence interval (P80) estimate 
Definition Based on known data, and assumes most work will go as planned. It can be considered the ‘best case’ scenario. P50 means that 50% of cost and schedule estimates in the model exceed this value, and 50% are below this value. It represents the middle value of the range of estimates P80 means that the probability of the final cost and schedule being less than P80 is 80%. It represents the upper end of the range but is not the ‘worst case’ scenario
Primarily used by Crossrail Ltd for Setting challenging targets to encourage and monitor performance. Reporting to the sponsors. Informing potential funding requirements.
Estimated opening date of central section January 2022 April 2022 June 2022
Opening of full east-west services December 2022 May 2023  May 2023 
Estimated cost to complete Crossrail £15.82bn £15.9bn £16bn
Current available funding £15.79bn £15.79bn  £15.79bn 
Forecast difference between funding and estimated cost £30m £120m £218m