Get the goods to heat, cool, dampproof and beautify your floors, from recycled carpet tiles to wood-effect vinyl and from square LEDs to adhesives without the odour – plus news from the factories

Solvent-free adhesive

Marley Floors has modified its Embond 212 adhesive to make it solvent free. It has banished what the company describes as an unpleasant ammonia odour but says the product has lost none of its strength. The company has also made its Embond 401 Epoxy adhesive available in a new 2 kg handy pack. Marley says the pack contains enough adhesive to cover 5-6 m2.

Marley Floors 304

Metallised dampproofing tape

Two products have been added to F Ball’s Isolator range of dampproofing products. Its 2 m Isolator membrane is now complemented by a thin, metallised jointing tape that can be used along the seams of the membrane to provide extra stability to the installation. The company has also introduced an adhesive called Styccobond F47 for use with the tape on subfloors with a relative humidity of up to 92%.

F Ball and Co 305

Radiator-friendly underfloor heating

Underfloor heating specialist Begetube UK has launched a heating system that allows underfloor heating to be installed alongside existing radiator systems. Called Solo, the system is designed for one-room extensions and is available in two off-the-shelf packs for areas of up to 15 m2 and 30 m2 respectively. Each pack includes pipe, manifold and the controls.

Begetube UK 306

Stone- and wood-effect vinyl

Contract flooring specialist Polyflor has launched a range of designs into its Expona vinyl tiles range. The range now includes 30 timber and 30 stone design effects. Eleven wood designs include wild cherry and walnut, and the nine stone effects include limestone and wet concrete. Polyflor says the tiles are suitable for heavy commercial use and include a surface treatment that aids maintenance.

Polyflor 307

Tiles without grouting

Gerflor has introduced an interlocking tile system called Attraction, which is designed for rapid installation and heavy traffic. The company says it is well suited to retail environments and is available in a range of 20 colours. The 635 × 635 mm tiles have a jointing system that Gerflor says removes the need for hot welds, adhesives and grouts. The company adds that the product can be laid over existing flooring or new damp floors. The tiles have a 1 mm PVC wear layer and polyurethane surface treatment for easy maintenance, according to the manufacturer.

Gerflor 308

Get difficult finishes covered

Industrial flooring manufacturer Sika-Armorex has introduced a floor treatment intended to avoid contractors having to remove difficult floor finishes. Called Resiplot, the system consists of an epoxy resin bonded reinforced fibre mesh that is anchored to the sub-floor with plastic anchors. After a coating of epoxy resin primer the surface is ready for the installation of the final floor finishes.

Sika 309

Square LEDs for floor fittings

Lighting products manufacturer Eyeleds has introduced a square version of its LED light fittings for installation in flooring. Called Eyeleds Square, it contains four LEDs that are available in a choice of white, blue and amber colours. The company says the design offers symmetrical light division and says the fittings can be installed into any floor and are fitted with a scratch-resistant UV cover.

Eyeleds 310

Product launches at 100% Detail and Design

Marbled resin finish
Stratum Resin Flooring has launched a seamless synthetic poured resin system called Bolidtop Fifty Fifty. It creates a marbled finish with the appearance of a polished concrete and is suitable for public, retail and residential environments. 301

Recycled carpet boards …

Carpet-Burns is launching a product called heat-treated carpet at the show. Made from 100% recycled materials, it is a board that has the appearance of carpet. It can be used for a range of applications including panelling, flooring and shopfitting. 302

… and tiles

Another recycled carpet product at the show will
be a tile from Renewable Carpet Tile. The tile has a contemporary design and is made from mainly recycled nylon yarn with the backing made from natural minerals and rubber.
Renewable Carpet Tile 303

Floors with added sparkle

Flooring specialist Altro is to launch a sparkle-effect resin flooring product called Vetro. It contains glass beads suspended in a clear resin that reflect the light in different ways through the day. The company says it can be personalised by the addition of a combination of beads, glitter and colour.

Altro, 311

Movers and makers

  • A company called Heatsafe CableSystems has been set up to distribute the HeatSafe range of products in the North of England. These include a heating cable that adjusts its output according to the temperature of surrounding material anda heated, flexible hot water pipe.

  • Velta has launched a website to showcase its floor heating and cooling systems. The site offers information on specifying and installing Velta’s products and includes a tick box chart that helps users determine which system is recommended for different applications. Company brochures can be downloaded from the site.

  • Dampproofing and ventilation products manufacturer Cavity Trays has launched three publications. Technical Manual number 15 is aimed at housebuilders and contains information on its cavity trays, dampproof courses and associated products. Ventilation Products and Solutions for Roofs, Walls and Floors contains information on new products including undersill trays, gable abutments and ventilation products. The final publication covers an investigation into penetrating damp problems in UK construction.

  • Flooring underlay maker Interfloor has published a guide to its products. There are almost 40 different types of underlay featured, which are installed with a wide range of floor coverings. The guide contains detailed specification details and comes with a CD. The publication is the first since Interfloor was formed through the merger of Duralay, Tredaire and Gripperrods in 2002.

  • Forbo has launched a website showcasing its slip-resistant flooring technology called Aquagrip. The innovation is available with its Novilon and Cushionsflor vinyl flooring ranges. The site includes information on Aquagrip’s safety features, and downloadable product brochures are also available.

  • Contract carpet maker Gaskell Mackay says it intends to become a serious player in the commercial carpet tile market following a management buyout and the subsequent acquisition of Hugh Mackay Carpets. It will focus on the production of Axminster and tufted carpet tiles.