The Peabody Trust is redefining sustainability on projects all over London, including its trailblazing BedZED village. Its achievements made it the clear winner of this Lafarge Cement UK-sponsored award
Peabody Trust

The Peabody Trust's reputation preceded it in this category.

And its pioneering BedZED scheme meant there could be only one winner. Built on a former sewage works in Surrey, this "green village" of living and working space uses only energy created by renewable sources on site, and has a zero carbon emission rating. The scheme has redefined the word "sustainable" in all aspects of its construction, from materials to occupancy.

But the trust's environmental policies extend to all its projects: eco-friendly materials are used wherever possible, and the "triple bottom line" of environmental, social and economic factors is considered at all times. Its dedication to the cause is also revealed in its work with the Greater London Authority on a city-wide sustainable building strategy.

The BedZED scheme has been a real trailblazer – they’ve set a new standard for the industry

St George

Last year's winner of this category, St George is still leading the pack in terms of large-scale, high-quality urban regeneration, and its schemes reflect this. The Thames-side St George Wharf project was built on the site of former gasworks, and has given new life to a lost area of waterside as well as complementing its surroundings. The London-based developer's values emphasise its environmental and social responsibility and one of its aims for 2002 is for all its dwellings to achieve an "excellent" rating from BRE's eco-homes assessment.


The panel felt that Carillion richly deserved a top-three spot because of its application of environmental policies across the board. Its sustainable building initiative is backed by in-depth research (available on its website for all to learn from) and it is devoted to making constant improvements in waste management and eco-friendly materials and methods. The contractor demonstrated its commitment at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon, working with environmental groups to reduce on-site waste and occupant energy use.