A number of products from Rada have been incorporated into a £270m healthcare project in Newcastle-upon-Tyne that will see services transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospital

The Rada Meynell V8/3 L thermostatic mixer is equipped with a long lever control, specifically to assist those people with impaired use of their hands, or who would simply benefit from additional leverage. For those with special needs, the Meynell V8/3 L valve can be fitted with accessories including longer hoses and a 1.5m slide bar.

Rada Sense is the UK’s first infra-red, non-touch control panel for both water flow and temperature control designed to help reduce instances of cross-infection in healthcare establishments.

The Unatherm-3 combined thermostatic mixing valve and surgical tap aids surgical basin tap maintenance by being mounted in front of the panel, so that it is fully serviceable from above the basin.