This week’s products include an indoor terrazzo fountain designed for an Italian restaurant in London, and Westminster City council installs a shower pump in an apartment block designed for the elderly and less able


Terrazzo water fountain

Diespeker & Co was chosen to design and produce a fully working indoor terrazzo fountain for restaurant VICO in London. For the project, Diespeker’s terrazzo team developed a number of terrazzo/chipping combinations to achieve the effect the customer requested. The fountain took nine months to create using bespoke moulds.
Diespeker & Co

Movers and Makers

  • Wavin has launched MyPortal, an interactive platform that will allow users to access eLearning modules and a community forum. Initially five CPD and Wavin product training eLearning modules have been introduced, and in May MyPortal’s BIM centre will be added. The BIM centre will provide product data templates for the full range of Wavin products and 3D Revit content for above ground plumbing and drainage systems.
  • Aerial mapping company Bluesky and Cranfield university have launched an online soil map designed to inform a wide range of applications, from land and infrastructure management to construction, habitat assessment and agriculture. The map communicates the variations occurring between soil types and their effects on the environment. The data is already used by most major water companies, many consultants and government bodies. The National Soil Map has been created from soil data sets produced by Cranfield university.
  • Ingeny@home has launched a smart home automation and monitoring system. Suitable for a range of smartphones and tablets, the system combines domestic devices to manage heating, lighting, motion detectors, smoke alarms and leak detection. The system sends out alarms in the event of unexpected activity such as movement, smoke and water leaks, and allows utilities to be controlled remotely.
  • Wrekin Products has launched a new range of polyester concrete channel linear drainage systems. The range meets EN1433 standards from Class A15 to F900, is CE marked and available in various widths and depths. The product is made using a polymer concrete and is suited for low-weight pedestrian applications; medium traffic loads and heavy or intensive environments.


Waterproof flooring

Forbo Flooring Systems’ waterproof flooring coverings were chosen by pub-restaurant chain Brewers Fayre for its refurbishment project to update its children’s play areas. The product was chosen as the client required a durable flooring solution with a damp and slip resistant surface, which came in their desired design options. The non-fray construction of the flooring is made up of 70 million fibres per m2 and captures dust and impurities from the air. Forbo offers 500 options to choose from in its Flotex online digital library.

Shower / pump combination
Mira Showers was chosen by Westminster City council to install a shower/pump combination to an apartment designed for the elderly and less able. The apartment needed a pumped drainage to create a level access shower to improve safety and mobility in the showering area. The chosen product, Advance Flex Extra shower, has integral sensors which communicate wirelessly when the shower is in use, to match the rate at which the pump drains the water to the shower’s flow rate. The pump also continues to run after the shower is turned off to clear any remaining water from the wetroom floor.
Mira Showers

Waterproof surface membrane
Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane from F. Ball and Co. Ltd has been installed at the refurbished CrossFit gym in Surrey. The product was chosen as the client required the project to be completed with a tight deadline and the Stopgap F77 allowed it to finish the work in a few hours. The project required a smooth and durable surface and Stopgap F77 was used to create a barrier against subfloor moisture before priming the surface with Stopgap P131 primer and installing Stopgap 600 base to raise floor levels.
F. Ball and Co. Ltd

Waterproof surface membrane
Below-ground waterproofing products from GCP Applied Technologies were installed for protection against corrosive ground water, coastal soil conditions and ground gases at an incinerator plant in Dublin. Preprufe, a waterproofing membrane system, was chosen to provide grade 3 waterproofing under BS8102:2009. The product is manufactured with synthetic adhesive layers, which enables concrete to stick to Preprufe and to form a tight seal, preventing water migration between the waterproofing and the structure. The damp proof membrane incorporates a gas resistant aluminium foil making it radon, methane and CO2-proof.
GCP Applied Technologies

Waterproof surface membrane
A dual waterproof system approach from Sika was used at the Bond Street retail development at River Chelmer in Chelmsford. The development was situated close to the riverbank and so the water table on the site was high, causing problems with water ingress. Some 7,000m2 of SikaProof A12 membrane system and 4,500m3 of Sika watertight concrete was used to waterproof the building’s basement car park and service areas. The products were chosen as they prevent water from migrating through the concrete.


Waterblade fitting

One of five companies invited to present to judges live at Ecobuild, the Waterblade water-saving device won the event’s Big Innovation Pitch competition. The fitting turns a small stream of liquid into high-pressure waterflow. Operating at 2.5 litres a minute, it can save water and water heating costs, as the company says combined water, wastewater and associated energy savings could reach around £75 per tap per year. The product can be fitted to domestic bathrooms, in schools and offices alike. Waterblade