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    ... and do the right thing


    Gillian Birkby, who assisted the HSE team that revised the regulations, outlines the role of the CDM co-ordinator and the duties of clients

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    Let’s stick together ...


    The new CDM regulations come into force tomorrow. In this special, Christopher Pedder explains how the new rules will promote partnering ...

  • Rachel Barnes

    Risky business


    EU steps to tighten up the law on the safety of employees could make UK health and safety legislation even more out of kilter with the law on negligence

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    Now all this is the client’s problem ...


    As Building’s many health and safety blunder photos show, the UK’s construction sites remain hairy old places to work. What has changed is that the CDM regulations are about to put more responsibility for policing them on the employer. Katie Puckett finds out just how much – and how five ...

  • Dominic Helps

    Causing death and saving lives


    The bill on manslaughter and corporate homicide that is midway through its second reading in parliament must ensure that senior managers can be held personally to account

  • Jill Craig

    Safety check


    EU WATCH — The European Construction Safety Forum recently staged a conference to assess policies that aim to improve the construction sector’s health and safety record.

  • Rachel Barnes

    Fault lines


    Employees can’t assume that their employer is wholly responsible for their health and safety at work, as their accountability is limited by what’s reasonable

  • Tony Bingham

    The perils of using your initiative


    Imagine you’re a builder carrying out a small domestic project, and you spot a mistake in the architect’s design. Would you save everyone’s time and trouble by working out an ad hoc solution to it?

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    It's tough at the top


    Company directors are envied for their status and salary, but soon they could be subject to a wave of legal claims with no guarantee their insurance will cover them

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    Proposed corporate manslaughter laws slammed by MPs and trade union.


    Amicus welcomes politicians’ demands for tighter legislation.

  • Rachel Barnes

    Consider the evidence


    After an accident such as Hatfield, prosecutors come under pressure to launch a case. But too often they go ahead without having a leg to stand on

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    Handled with care


    A new accreditation scheme is offering training and indemnity insurance to construction professionals taking on the vital role of asbestos inspectors

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    A tragedy, not a crime


    The Hatfield defendants were innocent, and would have been under a reformed law. If you want a villain in this piece, look at past and present governments

  • Rudi Klein

    The death penalty


    In its next session, parliament will decide if the Corporate Manslaughter Bill becomes law. Some of its proposals should be amended before that happens …

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    It’s down to the developer


    A half-baked rethink of the law is unlikely to increase project safety. Placing the burden of responsibility at clients’ doorsteps is a much more effective solution

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    CDM: An audit


    The Health and Safety Executive has just recommended changes to the CDM regulations. So the first question we should ask is: will they do any good?

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    The bill has arrived


    While you were busy preparing for your Easter break, the government finally launched its corporate manslaughter legislation – but will it make us any safer?

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    A victory of sorts


    Insurance companies may have failed in an attempt to stop payouts to workers with a lung condition caused by asbestos, but they did manage to limit compensation

  • Ann Minogue

    Mind and will


    In a landmark case, a council architect is on trial for manslaughter, after an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease killed seven people. The verdict will be pivotal …