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    Corporate manslaughter: When they read you your rights


    The Corporate Manslaughter Act makes it likely that anyone involved in an investigation will find themselves being grilled in a police interview room. Here’s what they can expect

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    Rules of the games: Olympic health and safety


    Not content with running one of the biggest projects in UK history, the Olympic Delivery Authority also wants to overhaul health and safety standards

  • Stacy Sinclair

    Amsprop vs ITW (trading as Hobart UK)


    Our legal expert investigates a fire at the Hard Rock Cafe

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    Stephanie Baker vs Quantum Clothing Group: Noise-induced hearing loss


    An worker in a knitting factory won an appeal against her employee for not sufficiently looking after her health

  • Charlene Linneman

    Working at height


    Our legal expert discusses a dispute over the Health and Safety at Work Act

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    Stop the madness! The presumption of guilt under the Health and Safety Act


    Are employers expected to guard against unforseeable actions on site

  • Abu Dhabi’s response to on-site health and safety lapses has been to call in the cops

    Clear laws without fuzz: Health and safety in the UAE


    UAE confidential: Abu Dhabi’s response to on-site health and safety lapses has been to call in the cops. Thomas Van de Wijngaart and Emma Shepherd welcome early signs of change

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    Something to shout about: Deafness claims


    Money matters Construction is a noisy business, and employers increasingly face claims from workers whose hearing has been impaired. But now, says Jim Byard, that may be about to change

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    How much is a life worth?


    Companies convicted under the Corporate Manslaughter Act face fines of up to 10% of turnover, but this doesn’t necessarily amount to much, says Jan Burgess

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    Only yourselves to blame


    Managers found guilty of causing death by a 'gross breach' of care are liable to criminal conviction, but the Corporate Manslaughter act is clear on how to avoid a prosecution

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    Pulling the trigger


    The liability triggers for compensation for asbestos victims may depend on exact policy wording, but a current case may clarify whether the insurers are playing fair

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    A health check


    Health and safety regs set out legal requirements for employers to make suitable risk assessments. It’s not as easy as it sounds…

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    Pleural plaques: Kicking up a dust


    In 2007 the Lords ruled that sufferers of pleural plaques could not seek compensation through the courts. But claimants could still succeed if they base their case on a breach of contract

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    The death sentence is getting tougher


    The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act comes into force on Sunday. Best to know what it entails now

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    CDM regs: A question of principal


    State your case — Defra seems to be instigating the use of the title of principal contractor in both SWMP regulations and CDM 2007. Is this joined-up thinking or just plain confusing, asks Gillian Birkby

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    Turn of the screw


    Prosecutions under the revised CDM regulations won’t be reported until next year at the earliest. But it looks likely that we are on course for stricter compliance

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    The year of living dangerously


     It’s been almost a year since the CDM regulations were revised. So, anything to celebrate? Over the next four pages we focus on all things health and safety – starting with three areas where the revised regs can make a difference

  • Jules Harbage

    One over the eight at 8am


    Christmas means parties, and that means drinking alcohol, which is okay as long as you aren’t out first thing with a forklift or using heavy tools while still under the influence

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    The Lords’ diagnosis


    Joe Griffiths Can an employer be found negligent if the presence of asbestos fibres in a former worker’s lungs causes clinical depression? The House of Lords thought not

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    Are you making your staff’s life a misery?


    Millions of days are lost each year because of stress, depression and anxiety. In addition, the quality of work suffers. It therefore makes sense to reduce the pressure on your workers