The managing director of Gleeds Advisory reached his goal from 10 years ago - with five days to spare…

Ten years ago you said you wanted to get on to the main board at Gleeds. Have you achieved this goal?

Yes, just - with 5 days to spare until my 40th birthday!

Where do you see yourself in another 10 years?

Developing Gleeds Advisory within the UK and internationally. It is a non-project-management type of work which needs to expand.

What is the biggest change in construction you have seen in the past decade?

The development of longer-term partnering arrangements, either between supply chains and contractors or with the public sector, for example Building Schools for the Future and education partnerships.

What has been your career highlight since 1999? Any low points?

Being appointed on the main board and being on a number of editorial boards. Also my two children.

Ten years ago your hero was your daughter Phoebe. Is this still the case?

Well I’ve got to add the other one in now or she’ll feel left out - Antonia.