richard steer BW

Short-term solutions must not prevent us from building back better


Boris Johnson made a lot of promises. I fear the next PM may abandon those pledges to ease the cost-of-living crisis

marks and spencer

This is not just a green building, this is a Marks & Spencer’s green building…


The argument about the relative benefits of retrofit versus rebuild for the flagship store has been hijacked by cheap political point-scoring, writes Gleeds chairman Richard Steer

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We have been working in Ukraine for years. I never imagined events as appalling as these


Two weeks ago we were considering life after covid. Now our staff still in the region are fearing for their lives

richard steer BW

In 2022 we will be greener, more flexible and resilient than ever before


Our industry will build on trends over the past 12 months and we will get better at coping with turbulent times

richard steer BW

There are tough times ahead – but we're not going back to the future


Rising costs and inflation are now inevitable but the economy is better placed to survive than it was in the 1970s, Richard Steer says