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    Infrastructure and speeding up the planning system


    The UK’s infrastructure planning system has been misfiring for years, but efforts are ongoing to speed up crucial planning decisions 

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    How transport infrastructure can unlock regeneration and levelling up


    Regional and local transport planning in the UK has been boosted through the award of long-term funding to city regions and by aligning mobility to levelling up

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    Infrastructure update: Can investment in energy security be compatible with net zero?


    The war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of energy security. But how does investment in greater resilience align with progress towards net zero? 

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    Infrastructure update: Energy transition


    The 2020s will be the decade when the foundations of the UK’s energy transition to net zero are established. What is involved in this transition, and how are things progressing?

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    Infrastructure update: Carbon capture and storage


    Carbon capture and storage will play a vital role in meeting the UK’s emissions reduction targets. Agnieszka Krzyzaniak and Tim Cooper of Arcadis consider how close the UK is to large-scale application of this technology

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    Infrastructure update: Our hydrogen future


    Interest in green hydrogen has escalated rapidly, so what are the benefits and challenges of this highly sustainable energy technology and what would a hydrogen revolution mean for the built environment?

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    Global infrastructure: Aviation


    What can cost, time and functional metrics tell you about delivering a capital programme in the aviation sector? David Crewe of Turner Townsend explains why it makes sense to reach beyond the traditional measures of development efficiency

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    Estuary airport option ‘would be worst polluter’


    Consultant says Foster plan would produce 63% more CO2 in 35 years than Constellation plan

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    High Speed 2: full speed ahead


    High Speed 2 is a project people love to hate. But it would reduce train overcrowding, boost business and pump billions into the construction industry

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    All change: The rail sector


    The rail sector is embarking on a journey of disruption, change and uncertainty, with Network Rail’s transformation at the centre of it all. But having dodged the worst of the spending cuts, the sector could become a highly sought-after destination – for those who can handle the risk

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    Market overview: waste and water sectors


    With regulation driving investment and resource efficiency in the waste and water sectors, Matthew Hicks and Andrew Wheeler of Davis Langdon examine how the UK’s obligations are going to be met, and what the opportunities are for consultants and contractors

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    Waste and water markets: Filling the gap


    In our latest infrastructure market report we explore the hidden worlds of water and waste

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    David Penfold on Sainsbury’s waste strategy


    David Penfold is a driven man: he has to cut Sainsbury’s waste to as close to zero as possible. And given the amount of activity that the store engages in, he needs good ideas and even better suppliers.

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    Five best countries for water infrastructure work


    Over the next 10 years, mankind will spend £500bn on water works. Chloe Stothart picks the five best countries to look for your share of it

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    On the menu


    With the private sector still subsisting on scraps and the non-infrastructure public sector just grateful that its provisions weren’t cut any further in the emergency Budget, the infrastructure market represents a veritable feast at the moment. So welcome to the latest in our infrastructure market reports

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    Infrastructure markets: saving grace


    If there was one sliver of comfort in the Budget, it was that there were no further cuts to infrastructure spending. Victoria Jackson of Davis Langdon surveys the work that will be on offer in the years ahead

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    Energy from waste: 'A wonderful place to be'


    There’s going to be a £2bn-a-year building boom in energy-from-waste plants, like this one, over the next 15 years. Kristina Smith finds out how to turn base matter into gold

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    EDF nuclear boss talkin' about his generation


    Alan Cumming wants your help building EDF’s third-generation nuclear power plants, which, if all goes to plan, means four multibillion-pound projects and more than 150 contracts up for grabs

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    Waiting for High Speed 2 to get here


    The coalition has given its backing to a high-speed rail network in the UK, but there is a lot of uncertainty over how, when and in what form it will arrive