Unseen Hands:100 years of Stuructural Engineering marks the centenary of the founding of the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) by celebrating the importance of engineering in creating some of the most iconic buildings of the past 100 years.

Using three themes (towers, bridges and large enclosures) to find a pathway through a wealth of structural achievement, the exhibition brings to life the design and construction of edifices including New York's Empire State Building, Switzerland's Salginatobel Bridge and Poland's People's Hall – as well as more modern projects including the Millau Viaduct, the Eden Project and the still-rising Burj Dubai.

Through a dramatic variety of media – models, drawings, CAD imagery, video and photographs sourced from all over the world – the ambition and ingenuity of these structures is revealed.

Developments in material, form and technique are also explored.

The exhibition is curated by architectural writer David Littlefield with the support of the IStructE.