Every building demolished is being photographed to enable designers to identify recyclable materials

The Olympic Delivery Authority today said it was on course to clear the Olympic site by 2008. To date 20% of the site has been cleared.

London Olypmic site
Site to be cleared by July 2008

The ODA has created a register of recyclable materials from the Olympic site. Every building demolished will be recorded and photographed. The ODA said that designers will then be able to check for materials they could reuse.

So far 95% of the 10,827 tonnes of demolition waste has been reused says the ODA, with 638 tonnes being reused offsite.

Among materials salvaged were 70 tonnes of Yorkstone walling and ten tonnes of reclaimed London stock bricks. 161 tonnes of asbestos has been transported to licensed landfill.

A total of 256 buildings will be demolished in a nine month programme starting from July.