Building launches important new campaign aimed at improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

High-profile figures across industry and politics have signed up to the 99% Campaign, launched this week by Building.

The initiative, which highlights the need to improve energy efficiency in existing building stock - 99% of the built environment - has been backed by, among others: Sir Neville Simms, former Carillion chairman and chairman of the government's Sustainable Procurement Task Force; Sir Stuart Lipton, deputy chair of developer Chelsfield Partners; and Phyllis Starkey, chair of the Department for Communities and Local Government Select Committee.

In the wake of the introduction of the amended version of Part L of the Building Regulations this year, there is now enough regulation in place to make a new building 40% more energy efficient than in 2002. However, little has been done to reduce emissions from existing buildings. The campaign will look at mechanisms that the government could put in place to create incentives in this area.

Major industry bodies have also given their support. They include the British Property Foundation, the RICS, the Construction Products Association and RIBA.