Chris Hill and his fellow riders struggle over mountains and through forests in their last leg before freewheeling down to Cannes for the first day of MIPIM

Evening, Monday 13 March

Somehow, at about 10pm on Sunday night we managed to cook pasta for 20 outside in sub-zero temperatures in the car park of a McDonalds before kipping down in the truck.

After Sunday's bitter weather, Monday dawned bright and clear but still very cold. So cold in fact that when the first group set off at 5am the broom wagon gear box had frozen overnight.

The climbs that we had been a bit worried about duly appeared and were conquered with aplomb - although John Rudge of Capita Percy Thomas (who is a big man) needed a push up the steeper ones. Our strongest rider, Marcus Escott, is also our smallest at just 10 stone so the sight of tiny Marcus pushing giant John up the hills has been captured on film and will be available for viewing on this blog in due course.

The riding was fabulous, through pine forests and open hills with very little traffic and in perfect sunshine. Everyone joined in the last 18 mile ride of the day into Dragonaud (my French spelling may have let me down here). And celebrated with a beer in the town square. Peter Murray gave a little speech and we feel like we have cracked it.

Now for a celebratory roll into Cannes of about 60 km. We are all togged up in our matching and very stylish James Burland designed and made C2C tops and sponsors T-shirts. We merely have to get there and present Ken Livingstone with our baton/sex toy and the cheque for €150,000.