Optima and Axiom Knife Edge Canopies give better acoustics and help speech intelligibility

Suspended ceiling systems supplier Armstrong World Industries has launched two new Canopy solutions.

Optima Canopy is a flat mineral panel, pre-formed into 10 shapes, convex, concave, square, circle, hexagon, trapezoid, parallelogram and rectangular shapes.

It allows the specifier to create a signature space. Offering excellent sound absorption and light reflectance, the product enables the client to restructure a space, accentuate any area and express their creativity.

Armstrong's Optima and Axiom Knife Edge Canopies

Axiom Knife Edge Canopy can be used in conjunction with full size ceiling tiles to create ‘ceiling clouds’ which give definition to any space.

The easy to install canopies can improve the overall acoustics of a room and increase speech intelligibility over a specific area.

The products will be unveiled at the Pad Gallery in The Building Centre, London, on 18 November 2008.

In addition, Armstrong will also exhibit the current Canopy collection, Ultima Canopy, Orcal Canopy, Infusions Canopy & Axiom Canopy alongside our design metal solutions.