Contractor will be involved with water, wastewater and electricity works for at least five years.

Balfour Beatty has won a £300m United Utilities contract for clean water, wastewater and electricity works.

The contract is under United Utilities new AX4 Capital Investment Programme. The five-year contract will run from July 2005, and it could be extended for another five years.

Balfour Beatty chief executive Ian Tyler said: “By combining our expertise in power, gas and water engineering, we are able to offer United Utilities a range of skills and experience which exactly matches the requirements of their new investments programme.”

Under the contract Balfour Beatty will undertake clean water and wastewater works including design and construction of network infrastructure, renewals and rehabilitation and network maintenance.

It will also be responsible for electrical works including cable laying and jointing of above and below ground infrastructure.