Zerochampion blogs about what he learned from the tech event in Birmingham

It’s nearly two weeks since the fun day out in the Midlands that was Be2Camp Brum, the second regional incarnation at the event that encourages innovation and all things web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?) for construction. A challenge in anyone’s language given how traditionally slow some of the industry has been in relation to new fangled stuff. But the movement and the people behind it are nothing if not eternally optimistic and upbeat (barring yours truly, who delivered a gloomy assessment of the state of journalism to finish off the day). And this time there was the added pleasure of matching real faces with Twitter portraits, particularly in the case of @robinbrittain and @earthxchange. Here’s a video snapshot report of the event, with added frenetic 90s beats:

My experience at such events is to feel a sugar surge of excitement both during and immediately after the day. Inspiration and ideas abound. Where you sometimes scratch your head is to what end all the intellectual effort and ideas can take us. In that sense it was good to hear from Rob Annable, one of the organisers of the event, who gave a concrete example of how he took an idea from the first Be2camp last year, that of using the Openstreetmap website, and subsequently incorporated it into a project he was working on.

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