The six Zedfactory homes on sale in Upton meet level six of the Code for Sustainable Homes

The first open market homes that meet level six of the Code for Sustainable Homes have been completed and formally certified.

The development consists of six homes, located at Upton in Northamptonshire. Two are for rent, two for shared ownership and two are for sale. The homes for sale will be exempt from stamp duty.

The homes are built using the Zedfactory’s RuralZED system which was pioneered by architect Bill Dunster.

The homes electrical needs are met using PV panels mounted on the roof and water is heated using solar thermal panels with a biomass boiler for backup. Zedfactory said the homes should not need any heating as the houses feature sunrooms that heat the home up in the day.

The homes are built from heavyweight timber frame and the ceiling and wall linings are made from eco-concrete with enough thermal mass to store the heat accumulated during the day. Each home has a water harvesting tank.

Zedfactory said the homes cost approximately 10% more to build than a conventional home.