A commercial building will be developed using BIM from start to finish, with the hope of showing how 50% savings can be made

Stuart Lipton and Peter Rogers hope to develop the first commercial building in London using BIM from start to finish. This will take place on a pilot project, previously reported in Building, on which the pair plan to show how the industry could make 50% savings on these sorts of schemes.

The building, which would be delivered by Lipton’s real estate developer Chelsfield, would demonstrate how a more simple, standardised building using a BIM model could reduce the cost of London skyscrapers.

Lipton said that, at this stage, timings for the venture were not known but that it was a project in the pipeline.

On the future of BIM, Rogers added that the UK construction industry will be forced to “adapt or die” and embrace this sort of new technology as firms that don’t are unlikely to survive.