Besam and Sapa Building Systems have collaborated to produce a facade system designed to provide maximum blast protection and security while also being cost-effective

The Besam ADS Blast Protection system can be used in conjunction with Sapa’s Elegance PF and Powerframe ranges. It also accommodates the UniSlide automation system, a purpose-designed door leaf and side screen system, a swing door solution and a standard door rail system that allows a mix of entrance, window and curtain wall systems on one facade with a shared aesthetic and integrated performance.

The system has been tested by independent body, GL Industrial Services, which was in turn monitored and evaluated by blast engineering consultants TPS Consult. The system passed a level of testing which represented a 100kg TNT car bomb exploding at a distance of 23.5m, providing a certification of ISO EXV 25 Hazard Rating B.

The systems are suitable for a range of applications including transport hubs, military installations, government buildings and petrochemical structures.


Sapa Building Systems