IKO has supplied its brown roof system for a home on the Scottish Borders.

A brown roof uses locally-sourced elements of habitat to replace lost habitat and helps the home blend into its environment. The house, called Plummerswood, overlooks the River Tweed. For the main flat roof area, IKO’s UK-manufactured Spectraplan TPE SG120 light grey single ply membrane was installed. Although architect Gaia had not specified single ply on any of their previous projects, the decision was made to go with TPE membranes as they are free of halogens (chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine), softeners, (H)CFCs and heavy metals. Finally for the top layer of the roof, the client had reclaimed the site soil as the growing substrate, and the IKOgreen Biodiverse roofing system comprising Plasfeed 5+1, and IKO Filter Fleece were installed.