Developer will not reveal final height as skyscraper hits height of 512m after 1,276 days of construction

Emaar Properties’ latest skyscraper, Burg Dubai, was officially named the world’s tallest building last Saturday, after just 1,276 days of construction.

The 141 storey structure, which stands at 512.1 metres (1680 ft), can currently be seen from up to 60 miles away, and is not yet complete. The previous record holder was Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which stands at 508 metres tall (1667 ft).

The final height and number of storeys has never been revealed by the develpers.

The building has already used more than 313,700 cubic metres of concrete and 62,200 tonnes of reinforcing steel. It recently broke another record - for vertical concrete pumping to a height of 460 metres (1,509 ft); again it surpassed Taipei 101, which managed 448 metres (1,470 ft).

The structure is made of high strength concrete, and has been designed to manage the effect of wind and seismic movements. Large reinforced concrete mats and piles sit with an 80,000 sq ft foundation slab and 50-metre deep piling, both of which are waterproof and feature cathodic protection.

Emaar’s record breaker is due for completion in 2008, and will be at the centre of Downtown Burg Dubai, a $20 billion, 500-acre development being billed as ‘the most prestigious square kilometre on earth’.