The design of the media centre for the Olympic Games has been overhauled after Cabe branded it “extremely weak”

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has made changes that are designed to improve the look of the Allies and Morrison-designed centre, as well as making it more attractive to broadcasters after the Games.

According to a source who has been briefed by the ODA, the press centre’s cladding will now interrupt the uniform line of the windows to offer variation. In addition, the ceiling height in the broadcast centre has been raised by up to 2m by putting services above the ceiling. This is seen as vital to attracting media firms after the Games.

The decision on the application, originally due to be taken by the ODA’s planning committee next week, will now be heard on 23 June to give time for the committee members to take in responses to the design changes.

Peter Welton, director of East London Business Alliance, said: “We’ve been encouraged there have been some positive moves by the ODA, and think the design is now better than we’ve seen before.”

The ODA said: “Design work on the external appearance of the buildings has been continuing in consultation with stakeholders.”