Design Council Cabe describes the plan for the UK’s first nuclear power plant in 30 years as rich, attractive and powerful

Design Council Cabe has praised architect YRM’s masterplan for the UK’s first new nuclear power station in 30 years as a “rich and attractive environment” with “powerful industrial objects”.

The £5bn plant at Hinkley in Somerset is currently going through the process of gaining full planning permission in a scheme for client EDF.

YRM, which was taken over by RMJM last December, has been working on the project for a number of years.

Cabe’s national design review panel said the landscaping plan added real value for visitors and would allow striking views of the power station from a coastal path.

It added: “The buildings on this site will be very large and highly visible, so we are pleased to see them treated in a straightforward fashion, as powerful industrial objects… However, we feel that the narrow palette of a tonal range of greys could be more inspiring and suggest that the design team consider a greater localised use of colour and texture to improve the interest of the working environment, to differentiate significant buildings from the plant and aid way finding.”

Cabe also commended the visitor centre that will be built on the site and said the specification of materials for all the buildings would be key to ensuring they maintained their pleasing aesthetic over time.