Government architectural watchdog CABE and the House Builders Federation have joined forces to hold a series of seminars on best practice in housing design.
The government's thinking on housing design is contained in guidance in PPG3, the directive that calls for high-density development to counter the 1990s trend of low-density, car-dependent estates.

CABE believes that by working with the HBF it will draw "unaccustomed" interest in its ideas from housebuilders. The HBF has 600 members, which construct 80% of all new-build homes.

CABE chief executive Jon Rouse said: "The Building for Life seminar series will give a chance for everyone involved in the housebuilding industry – be they planners, developers, architects or housebuilders – to discuss the best way forward to provide the three million-plus new houses we need in the next 25 years.

"These seminars will introduce case study schemes for discussion and will focus on well-designed, commercially successful developments that incorporate a mix of types of accommodation."

The six seminars are due to be held between 11 April and 11 July, and will be synchronised with HBF regional meetings. These meetings typically draw up to 60 members of the HBF.