Survey prevents possible damage to ecosystem after site is transformed into Ancient Greece

Consultant Capita Symonds’ Colwyn Bay office has completed an ecological survey on the set of a new Hollywood blockbuster.

Dinorwig Slate Quarry in Snowdonia

The mythological epic Clash of the Titans - a remake of the 1981 classic – is due to start filming at Dinorwig Slate Quarry in Snowdonia over the coming weeks.

Site owner electricity generator First Hydre requested vegetation surveys and ecological advice to prevent damage to the area’s sensitive ecosystem while the dramatic landscape was being transformed into Ancient Greece.

Quarrying at the Dinorwig site finished 40 years ago this year. In the intervening period, various types of vegetation have established themselves on the slate waste despite the fact that it holds very few nutrients and little water.

Following the survey, film producer Warner Brothers has agreed to protect these plants, including the locally abundant but rare Parsley Fern, using methods such as cloches and camouflage.