John McDonough's salary rose to £1.33m in 2007 after he was awarded a £574,000 bonus

Carillion chief executive John McDonough received a 51% pay rise in 2007 that saw his salary jump to £1.33m.

In the previous year he took home £878,000 but this year’s basis salary of £580,000 was supplemented by a £574,000 bonus and pension benefits of £173,000.

John McDonough
McDonough's basic 2007 salary was £878,000

Elsewhere finance director Richard Adam, who took up his post on 2 April last year, took home £735,000, comprising a basic salary of £285,000 and £450,000 in bonuses and benefits.

Chris Girling, who he replaced, received a total of £111,000 for three months’ work.

Roger Robinson, executive director of construction services, took home a total of £769,000 while Don Kenny, executive director of business services, received £620,000.

Chairman Philip Rogerson was the highest paid non-executive director with £167,000.

In the year to 31 December 2007 Carillion made a pre-tax profit of £101.8m on a turnover of £3.95bn