Contractor smashes target for reduction in water usage


Contractor Carillion has hit 60% of its sustainability targets for 2013, the firm has announced.

In its annual sustainability report Carillion reported that it had hit 10 of its 17 targets for the year.

The result is a marked improvement on last year when the firm fell short on 11 of its 22 targets for the year. The result is more significant considering that on many of the targets it missed in 2012 Carillion increased the target for 2013.

Among the targets it hit in 2013 was a target to divert 91% of waste from landfill; a target to reduce electricity consumption in its offices; and a target to reduce water usage by 8%, which it exceeded delivering a reduction of 27%.

However, the firm said it was behind schedule on its target to use only timber that meets the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard or a similar standard with only 97% of its timber in 2013 meeting this criteria.

Richard Howson, chief executive of Carillion, said: “Our report demonstrates that sustainability can make a powerful contribution to profit as well as operational delivery and it creates real benefits for the communities in which we work.

“Done well, with commitment right across an organisation and the support of extended partnerships with clients and suppliers, sustainability makes a clear contribution to the bottom line. Becoming a more sustainable business goes hand-in-hand with becoming a more successful business.”

Four of the targets that were met and made policy in 2012 were not included on the list of targets for 2013 and one target is now being reported on separately.