Concrete plant ideally located for supplying East London Line extension and 2012 developments

Building materials supplier Cemex is planning a new concrete plant off Butchers Row, Stepney in East London. The £2.2m project will be capable of producing 180 cubic metres of concrete an hour and will be ideally located for supplying material for the East London Line extension project and the developments associated with the 2012 Olympics.

The plant will replace the existing facility which has been in operation since 1960s. The external appearance, including the layout and structure of the new plant, will be identical to the old facility, but internally it will be state-of-the-art with twin mixer units for maximum efficiency. The plant has been designed to produce high volumes and satisfy the ever increasing market requirements for higher strength concretes.

The new plant will also be complemented by the facility for out-of-hours cement and aggregates deliveries to ease congestion, and two concrete ‘recyclers’ to reduce waste disposal and recycle surface water in the concrete mixes.