The Construction Industry Board is leading a call by industry umbrella bodies for the Constructionline list of government-approved firms to be the industry standard.

The call follows concern that in-house and commercial lists are still commonly used, two years after the database was established.

In an open letter, CIB chairman Christopher Vickers said rival lists of contractors and consultants were a waste of time and money. Other bodies backing the call include the Construction Clients Forum and the Construction Industry Council.

The letter said: “These systems have not been developed in collaboration with the industry and do not have the support from the representative bodies of the industry or its clients.

“Above all, their use involves the industry and its clients in wasteful duplicative effort to supply information which is already available through Constructionline.”

Constructionline, a registration scheme that checks the financial and technical status of contractors and consultants for public sector work, was established in 1998.

The service is owned by the DETR and operated by Capita. They predict that, by 2001, Constructionline will contain 25 000 companies and be accessed by 1000 clients.