One unnamed construction firm is on a controversial list of unidentified firms and individuals linked to rogue private investigators

The list, compiled by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca), comprises 102 firms and individuals, including blue-chip companies, law firms, financial services groups and one construction firm, that have been found to have used the services of criminal private investigators who used blagging, hacking and other methods to obtain private information.

The agency compiled the list as part of its probe into rogue private investigators and provided it to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee last month on condition that the names were not revealed.

In the wake of the phone-hackling scandal, Soca has come under pressure to name the firm’s on the so-called ‘blue-chip hacking’ list.

Chairman of the Committee Keith Vaz said it was in the public interest for the firms on the list to be named and had requested a timetable for when that would be possible.