Tory shadow construction and housing ministers win easily in Tory heartland

Labour's construction and housing ministers retained their seats in the General Election despite strong swings to the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

But Olympic legacy minister Shahid Malik lost his Dewsbury Labour seat to Simon Reevell after a 5.9% swing from Labour to Conservative.

Ian Lucus held onto his Wrexham seat with 12,161 votes and 36.9% of the vote. The Liberal Democrats were second with 25.8% of the vote.

Housing minister John Healy was the clear victor at Wentworth and Dean with 50% of the vote, but there was a wing to the Conservatives of 7.5% who took second.

Conservative shadow ministers Grant Schapps and Mark Prisk had convincing wins.

Shadow housing minister Schapps held Welwyn Hatfield with over 50% of the vote while Prisk won the neighbouring Hertford and Stortford east seat with a majority of over 17,000 and 57% of the vote.

John Healey, Labour housing minister: Wentworth and Deane
Labour 50.1%
Conservative 17.6%
Liberal Democrat 16.1%
7.5% swing from Labour to Conservative

Construction minister Ian Lucas: Wrexham
Labour 38.2 %
Conservative 33.0%
Liberal Democrat 23.3%
8.6% swing Labour to Conservative

Mark Prisk, Conservative shadow minister for construction: Hertford and Stortford seat
Conservative 53.8%
Liberal Democrat 26.0%
Labour 13.8%
1.9% Swing from Conservative to Liberal Democrat

Grant Schapps, Conservative shadow housing minister: Welwyn Hatfield
Conservative 57.0%
Labour 21.4%
Liberal Democrat 16.4%
Swing from 11.1% From Labour to Conservative

Shahid Malik, minister responsible for Olymic legacy: Dewsbury
Conservative 35.0%
Labour 32.2%
Liberal Democrat 16.9%
5.9% swing from Labour to Conservative


Richard Bull, Liberal Democrat candidate and Building cover star: Derbyshire North East
Labour hold 38.2%
Conservative 33.0%
Liberal Democrat 23.3%

The fiercely fought constituency Building highlighted as one where construction provided above average employment, Derbyshire North East, has re-elected Labour candidate Natasha Engel. Engel won the Tory target seat with 38.2% of the vote. Conservative candidate Huw Merriman got 33%, Liberal Democrat Richard Bull got 23.3% and UK Independence Party candidate James Bush got 5.6%.

Building visited the constituency in the weeks running up to the election and interviewed construction industry bosses who feared spending cuts under any new government. Engel told Building at the time: “I care deeply about construction… Labour has specifically identified construction as an industry we want to help.”