The number of construction workers killed at work rose to 42 over the past year, up from 39 the previous year


Source: didbygraham

The latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive for the year to March 2014, showed 42 construction workers were fatally injured, an increase on the previous year when there were 39 fatal injuries.

However, the level of fatalities in the construction industry remains beneath the five-year annual average of 46 worker deaths per year since 2008/09.

Construction was the worst industry for worker fatalities over the year, with 41 fatalities in the services industry, 27 in agriculture and 14 in manufacturing. 

Of the construction workers killed, 28 were employees and 14 were self employed.

Four members of the public were also fatally injured in construction incidents.

The latest rate of fatal injury is 1.98 per 100 000 workers, compared to a five-year average of 2.07 per 100,000 workers.

Overall, the total number of people injured at work in 2013/14 was 133, compared with 150 worker fatalities in 2012/13.