Move comes in the wake of the government’s localism agenda

Planning consultancy Quod has bought Hunt Dobson Stringer, a firm that specialises in regeneration.

Quod was founded in May 2010 by John Rhodes, former RPS director, and said it was looking to adapt to the coming planning reforms in the wake of the government’s localism agenda.

Quod has 30 staff, and a turnover of £2.6m for the nine months to the end of March. Hunt Dobson Stringer (HDS) has six staff and an anticipated turnover of £800,000 for the year to the end of September 2011. It will begin trading solely as Quod on 18 April.

“The intention of HDS and Quod coming together is to create a brand new force in planning consultancy that is able to respond to fundamental reforms in the planning regime,” Quod said of the acquisition.