Scheme will run for up to six years

Consultants have been put on notice for a £150m Crown Commercial Services (CCS) dynamic purchasing system (DPS) deal.

The CCS, which is a part of the Cabinet Office and the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK, is looking for project managers, engineers and cost consultants to sign up for the deal that will run between four and six years.

cabinet office

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Firms can sign up for the deal, which is being run by part of the Cabinet Office, at any point during its lifespan

The DPS is also open to firms working in design, architecture, as well as the environmental and sustainability sectors and can be used by any public sector client.

A DPS is a procedure similar to an electronic framework agreement but where new suppliers can join at any time.

Firms will be organised by four distinct categories so suppliers can indicate all elements relevant to the services they offer with customers filtering the elements to produce a shortlist of appointed suppliers to invite to a competition.

Four categories have been drawn up including technical and professional services, industry sector and geographical regions.

Firms interested in working through the DPS can register any time between now and 28 September 2027 when the deal expires.