The consultation on the Code for Sustainable Homes 2010 has been delayed from October until the end of the year, leading some housebuilders to call for it to be scrapped

The delay has been caused by the fact that the government announcement on the revisions to Part L, expected during September, is now not expected until next month. There has also been a delay to the consultation on Part G – the water and sanitation regulations – and to the work on finalising a definition of zero carbon. Revising the code is dependent on all these outcomes.

A source close to the situation said: “BRE and the communities department were going to consult on the code this autumn but it is so linked with Part L and the zero carbon task group, that it seems sensible to bring it all together later this year.”

Roger Humber, strategic adviser to the House Builders Association, said the code had become overtaken by other regulation and revising it was a waste of valuable expert resources. He said: “Eighty per cent of what is in the code will be put in building and other regulations. What is the point of a further revision?”