Corus Colors has recently joined the UK Green Building Council (UK GBC).

The sustainability in construction initiative was launched at Ecobuild earlier this year. The organisation is made up of leading companies from the financial, construction and development sectors. The UK Green Building Council's mission is to dramatically improve the sustainability of the built environment by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

The group has been set up to provide a single, powerful, pan industry voice to the Government. The UK GBC will also provide a valuable knowledge base relating to sustainability matters. The group member’s expertise will also help facilitate a more effective research and innovation base for the industry to turn to and use in the future.

Peter Wilks, General Manager for Corus Colors said “Corus is excited to be a member of such a large and influential group which brings sustainability to the forefront of the construction industry’s agenda and which will help drive a true whole-life approach throughout the built environment. We expect to contribute to the development of UK GBC's policies and to be informed by UK GBC on the future direction of sustainability, so that the Steel Construction Sector can continue to be a leader in the debate”.

For more information on the UK Green Building Council contact UK Green Building Council on 01923 664238 or visit