Extra allocation to repair winter damaged roads

An extra £100m has been allocated to councils to meet the costs of repairing potholes in England.

The extra money comes on top of the £831m the government has already provided to councils for road maintenance this year.

The money will be split according to the amount and condition of roads each council has responsibility for.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said: “I am determined to see the winter damage to our roads fixed as quickly as possible.

“This money should make a real difference to the millions of drivers who are fed up with having to battle against dangerous potholes.”

Councillor Peter Box, chairman of the Local Government Association’s economy and transport board, said:

“Even as council budgets are being cut, it is vital that road maintenance is sufficiently funded over the coming years if we are to avoid roads crumbling into disrepair.”

The government has committed £3billion to road maintenance over the next four years.