London tube project designed by Weston Williamson + Partners

A new ticket hall designed to reduce overcrowding at one of London’s busiest tube stations, Victoria, has opened.

Designed by Weston Williamson + Partners, the ‎three-storey sub-surface ticket hall includes ticketing facilities, escalators and three lifts, and provides step free access to the Victoria Line platforms.

The new ticket hall will encourage passengers to use the entire length of the Victoria Line platform as it will be fed from both ends, reducing the need for station entrance or gate line closures. 

It also means people heading for the tube from Victoria Street will no longer have to cross several major roads to reach the entrance.

Weston Williamson + Partners partner Geoff Bee said: “We have taken an unashamedly contemporary approach to all of the new facilities, with an elegance to the design that we believe will have a calming influence on an extremely busy place.”

One part of the transformation of Victoria station, the whole scheme is set to be completed in 2018.